Isatou Jobe Jammeh

B.Sc. (Agric.) MSc. Post Harvest Marketing,

UK Senior V.P. Agriculture and Women in Production.​


Isatou has also professional hands-on training on Sustainable Horticultural Production Under Climatic Constraints Jerusalem, on the Rapid Multiplication Technique of Cassava Production and Processing and Utilization of Cassava and Soya Beans and on Vegetable Cultivation and Seed Production organized by the Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center (AVRDC) - Taiwan (ROC) and was also Visiting Scholar Research Center for Horticultural Crops CDH Dakar, Senegal.

Isatou worked briefly for the Medical Research Council Laboratories as Laboratory Assistant – and worked for National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) as Assistant Research Officer Responsible for the writing of proposals, executing and evaluating research activities mainly on fruits and vegetables and Setting up of a Post harvest Unit, and writing on possible areas of research on Post Harvest. AS Acting Program Leader Horticulture at NARI Isatou was responsible for Overseeing all the research activities of the horticultural program ranging from fruits, vegetables, roots and tuberous crops and Developing Post harvest research proposals and overseeing all post harvest handling activities. As Program Leader Horticulture Isatou was the Liaison officer, responsible for linking the NARI and the Rural Finance Community Initiative Project .Coordinating meetings and collating reports

Isatou Joined National Women’s Farmers Association at inception as the Programming &Marketing Manager Responsible for overseeing all the marketing activities of NAWFA. Isatou was responsible for Collaborating with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to develop a framework for annual consultations / negotiations between buyers and sellers of SESAME.


Isatou is currently the Managing Director of EMPAS, integrated Poultry Outgrower Scheme. She is Board Member – Association for Promoting Girl’s and Women Advancement in The Gambia (APGWA) and Member of Roots and Tubers Society (ISRC-AB) Africa branch. Astou has written on Improving the Post Harvest handling, transportation and marketing of tomatoes; Planting and storage of onions; Processing and utilization of cassava; Preparation of local Sorghum recipes & The techniques for improving the handling, packaging and distribution of tomatoes...

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