Habib Drammeh 

B.Sc. (Hons) MBA Senior V.P. Business Strategy and Advisory.


Habib S Drammeh is a strategic, business, marketing, tourism and transport management consultant. He has studied Corporate Strategy , Industrial Policy, Education/Geography and Project Management. In 1988 joined Gambia Public Transport Corporation (GPTC) and became director of Operations, Administration and Human Resources. In 2001 Habib joined the the Gambia Tourism Authority(GTA) as the first CEO and in 2007 assume the Head of Commerce, Marketing, and Human Resources at SLOK Air International. Habib has conducted consultancy both in the Gambia and other countries such as Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Guinea Conakry and Ghana in Management, Policy issues of tourism development.

Habib’s Tenure as GTA’s first Director General saw the development of significant milestones in the sector including the Responsible Tourism Policy and fair trade, Hotel Classification system, initiation of the National Tourism Master Plan. His tenure witness infrastructure development coupled with unprecedented investment in the tourism sector particularly by Gambian entrepreneurs.


Habib has led various teams in developing significant documents such as the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 National Action Plan, Feasibility study of establishing a Human Resources Institutional Capacity Development for the civil service (UNDP, Gambia), and Legal Sector Strategy. Tourism fiscal policy and transport infrastructure development assignments were carried out in Ethiopia and Sierra Leone respectively..

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