Edrissa Mass Jobe  

B.Sc.(hons) Mech. Eng. MBA Chairman.


​​For over a decade the chairman worked for Shell in West and Central Africa, initially in Engineering Operation and then in Marketing and Multi country management. He left Shell in 2001 as head of retail (NFR) for 17 countries west and central Africa. In Shell Edrissa was involved with 2 country entries, product and format launches and the implementation of an IIP project for a goldmine in Siguiri. 

In 2001, Edrissa Started Elton Gambia as promoter and a shareholder, in 10 years the company leading brands in terms of revenue, tax payment and recognition. In 2010 Edrissa headed Elton’s effort to form a group to expand into west Africa and led the acquisition of ENGEN Bissau by the Elton Group. Since 2009, Edrissa started EMHOLDING, Social Enterprise which incorporated EMPAS Poultry Processing Company to produced 100,000 dressed chicken per month in an integrated scheme combining out-grower Farmers with ultra modern hatchery and processing Equipment. 

Edrissa has been a lead member of the Fibank Group of companies setting up banks and insurance companies in 6 countries in West and Central Africa. He also has extensive public sector experience as the Chairman of Gamtel and Gamcel for 5 years. He has served on the Boards of GIFZA, RVTH, Roots Foundation. Edrissa has been involved with the direct management of companies in the following industries in the sub-region:Petroleum Downstream Operations (Ship-to-Shore to Retailing); Telecommunication; Banking and Insurance and Agriculture (Poultry and Out growers).

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