Investment Strategy


•Banking/Financial products and services

​   • Fibank, IIC

•Retail -FMCG

   • Elton, Japal

•Agriculture and Agro-Industries

   • EMPAS

•Sustainable natural resources

   • Halma

•Power, Petroleum and Energy

   • Gam-petroleum

Investment Criteria


EMHOLDING invests in entities that demonstrate potential to become industry leaders and are capable of scaling up a successful business concept.

• Internal rate of return: from 25%

• Investment size: From US$500k

• Revenues: US$1 million

• A controlling stake in a company to influence the company’s development strategy and play an active role in operational management.

Role in Management


EMHOLDING plays an active role in developing portfolio companies’ strategy and operational management.

• Strategy development

• Operational management: to realize growth potential and increase operational efficiency.

• Cash management: Optimization of financial reporting; working capital and liquidity management.

• Capital Structuring- of the capital structure

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